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Our new dog! | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

27 Feb

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about dogs since our Boxer passed away, but I’m ready to jump back in by introducing our new dog! He’s a mis of an Australian Cattle dog and we think the other half is Australian Kelpie Sheep dog, which is a descendant of the dingo. He’s been the perfect addition — full of energy yet easy going. He can hang with us at home and plays really well with everyone. Then, when we take him to the dog park he immediately starts herding all the other dogs. It’s so funny to watch. He must think some of the really big dogs look like small cows that need to be put into place.


Dogologie | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

15 Jan

It just occurred to me that there are readers who would probably love to know about Dogologie, owned by my friend Lauren. She makes the most adorable, chic dog collars.

ETSY site:


Her shop offers many types of dog collars, leashes, and accessories. Here is just one of the many different styles.

Wags & Wuv | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

4 Feb

Check out WAGS & WUV Citizen Canine, a benefit for East Bay SPCA, Hopalong Animal Rescue and Open Paw.

Not this lady | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

28 May

Who leaves their house without a camera?  Not this lady anymore. On my walk today I encountered two adorable dogs whose looks were just begging to be photographed. Sometimes inspiration is right in front of you, and all that is required is to recognize it and then do something about it.

Just a few short months ago, I would see the myriad of dog-walkers in our neighborhood from the kitchen window and wonder if their dog would be leaving ‘a present’ on our lawn. Now, I crane my neck to see what kind of breed it is — I honestly never noticed these things before! The transformation in my attitude is amusing and a welcome change.

June-July Breeds | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

27 May

The more I work on this dog photography project the more interesting and fun it gets. Through the months of June and July I anticipate photographing these various breeds for my blog.  I hear there is a Great Dane in my neighborhood, so hopefully I can find him (should be hard to miss right?). Still looking for the elusive Bulldog.  Stay tuned!

Looking for dogs | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

24 May

I’m on the prowl for new dogs and various breeds to photograph: Bulldogs, Great Danes, large Poodles, Greyhounds, Dalmations, Chows, etc..  Please send them my way — thank you!

Hello world!

21 May