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English Miniature Bulldog II | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

3 Aug

Emma Rose looks classic in black & white while striking her best Rita Hayworth pose.

English Miniature Bulldog | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

1 Aug

After shooting a wedding at Fort Mason in San Francisco, I went to Chrissy Field to take in the beautiful view and weather. However, the impressive Golden Gate Bridge was no match for Emma Rose who got all of my attention. I’ve been looking for a bulldog for months to photograph and finally found one, but not just any bulldog —  a rare one at that! Emma may be an adorable mini but she snorts just as loud as her larger breed 😉

July 4 Parade | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

6 Jul

Here are a few patriotic spectator dogs from the Piedmont July 4th Parade: a Standard Poodle, a rare blue-eyed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and some kind of Terrier?

Estrela Mountain Dog | Angela Lang Bay Area Photographer

25 Jun

Diego and Maya belong to the ancient Estrela Mountain Dog rare breed, one of the oldest in Portugal. While climbing the narrow garden stairs to meet them, I looked up to see 2 big dogs racing towards and then past me in a fast game of chase. It was fascinating to watch them expertly bound by with only their soft fur grazing me as I teetered on the steps. It didn’t take long to discover that they are gentle giants and very sweet with children. To appease my creative streak, Diego’s petite owner, Andrea, agreed to heave his 2 year-old mass up onto the family bench (what a good sport!) — it was pretty funny to see how he filled up the entire thing with his girth.

This breed will become your soul-mate if you treat him right. To this day, the Estrela Mountain Dog remains true to its guardian heritage which makes it an ideal family pet because of its alertness, loyalty, intelligence, and its instinct to nurture young.

King Charles | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

21 May

Meet Bella, the prettiest, sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She’s a 5 year-old pure-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a knack for fetching balls and looking adorable from any angle. Her Rockridge family loves her to pieces.

For those who follow my blog, let me be the first to tell you that I’ve expanded my photography service to include DOGS! My job just keeps getting more fun. For my first try I met my mom and her super energetic Maltese mix at the park. It didn’t go very well and I thought, “what the heck was I thinking?” Not being one to give up easily though, I pressed on and photographed 3 more dogs including Bella shown below. The process is like learning a new body language because dogs and children behave very differently, and dogs can be unpredictable (especially if they see a squirrel!).

So far I’ve learned that a high-pitched bark can really get a dog’s attention (yes, I bark now), and that I have to be even more on my toes to keep up with 4-legged friends. I’m really excited about this new venture because it will give me a whole new way to be creative, and I am expecting a slew of funny stories to tell from dog shoots. Be sure to check back for more photos, stay tuned for a forthcoming website, and please feel free to send this link to your dog-loving friends.

BTW, I would love to read your comments on these and future dog images, and tips on dog behavior that you have to share. Thank you!