Our Holly | Angela Lang Bay Area Dog Photographer

27 May

Our Holly was a sweet and loving dog. It took us all of 2 days to fall in love with her and before long we felt as if she’d been in our family for years. She was incredibly gentle with my kids, had great manners, and we received compliments wherever we went on her behavior and striking appearance.

After only 5 short weeks we lost Holly to bloat, but not before she changed all of us for the better. She and my son bonded very quickly and I loved seeing their connection. I discovered that I was a dog person. Her gentleness helped me to get over being shy around dogs after being attacked by a German Shepperd the previous year. And my youngest one had stopped being spooked out by dogs.

Perhaps one of the biggest gifts she gave us was getting our family out together on afternoon walks with her. We all enjoyed it. What I will miss most is her goofy side — that ‘kidney bean’ curl that she did when she got excited about going outside or when we played with her. She definitely filled a void that we didn’t know we had until she came into our lives.                         – the Lang Family

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